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Artificial Garden Projects

Colorful Yunnan: City of Flowers

The project “Colorful Yunnan: City of Flowers” accentuates the largest cosmetic marketplace in the world, the largest greenhouse in Asia, the hotel has the most rooms in China, the largest market of famous and special flowers in Yunnan, and the largest gourmet’s court in Yunnan. It is an important prestige project in China, the partner chose us from hundreds of factories in this field in China base on our company strength, good quality, high efficiency, brand influence and well-deserved reputation. From planning, producing to installation, we handled all the processes of this whole project.

Design concept

Design elements of Orchid Valley’s entrance and exit echo each other. The exit is designed as a tree hole of a banyan. The walls around the hole are designed as cliffs and integrate with the whole environment, appearing more like a valley. The cliffs are covered with lianas. Through the ceiling, little rays of tyndall light cast in, bringing visitors mystery and a novel sense judgment.

Inside the tree hole, artificial orchids are planted to make orchid walls, highlighting orchid species with Yunnan features. Below the walkway, fog gathers to produce an atmosphere of mystery in Orchid Valley.

Cliffs at the entrance to Orchid Valley

Construction site (branches and leaves)

Construction site (coloring)

Five highlights of the project of Colorful Yunnan: city of Flowers

The project covers an overall planned construction area of 240 thousand m2. it consists of three main parts: Fashion shopping center, Germplasm resource of flowers around the world and a five-star vacation resort.

Palaeoworld Rows of landsc

aped plant walls

Orchid Valley

Scenic landscapes