Artificial Fire Retardant Sego Palm Plant for Home Decoration

Name:(Indoor & Outdoor) artificial sego sago cycas palm Tree
648602:48 leaves; 110cm
648604:32 leaves; 100cm
648605:66 leaves; 125cm
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(Indoor & Outdoor) artificial sego sago cycas palm Tree

Item No.: Ref. pic. : 1.png


48 leaves; 110cm


32 leaves; 100cm


66 leaves; 125cm




1).Leave: fabric , PE anti-UV plastic
2).Trunk: firber glass with steel or plastic
3).plastic pot


1).Strong resistance of UV, wind, frost, rain, snow and decay.
2).Water proof,UV. Stabilized (resists fading under sunlight) and wind proof.

3).Fashion style and abundant supply.

4).Improved durability with good rebound resilience.

5).factory direct sale,price advantage .

Available for

UV-Protection 2.png
Fire-proof 3.png


used for tourism, real estate, theme parks, water parks, public spaces, room,hoteletc.

648602 (48-110CM) 苏铁 SEGO PALM.jpg

648604 (32-100CM) 苏铁 SEGO PALM.jpg

648605 (66-125CM) 苏铁 SEGO PALM.jpg

648608 (150CM) 苏铁 SEGO PALM.jpg


How do I get help selecting the appropriate plant or tree for my application?
We have a staff of project managers and designers standing by ready to help you with your project.

What if I don’t see the variety of plant or tree I would like?
We have an internal library of photos detailing the thousands of plants and trees we have manufactured.  you can contact us to discuss your specific plant needs.


How does your product ship?
We have a well engineered shipping and packaging process so that all of our plants and trees can be packed and shipped as economically as possible. 

Can you ship your product internationally?
Yes. Our product has been installed in over 50 countries. We offer both Ocean shipment (LCL, 20’ Sea Container, 40’ Sea Container) and Air shipment.