Artificial Plastic Tropical Rain Forest Green Banana Palm Tree

Name:(Indoor & Outdoor) artificial banana palm Tree
617802:6 leaves; 200cm
617881:27 leaves;260cm
618881:60 leaves; 350cm
657886:28 leaves; 350cm
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    (Indoor & Outdoor) artificial banana palm Tree

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    Our artificial banana plam are becoming increasingly popular for commercial spaces such as supermarket retailers and upscale markets and tropical theme park.


    6 leaves; 200cm


    27 leaves;260cm


    60 leaves; 350cm


    28 leaves; 350cm


    1).Leave: fabric , PE anti-UV plastic
    2).Trunk: firber glass with steel or plastic
    3). Our standard base is a plastic pot, but depending on the application for the artificial tree or plant, we can build a custom steel plate or a variety of other bases to fit your application. In a ddition,we also manufacture a large selection of commercial planteres that can be potted with our trees and plants for a tumkey solution.


    1).Strong resistance of UV, wind, frost, rain, snow and decay.
    2).Super power of anti-aging and anti-fading.
    3). Long term lasting quality more than 10 years.
    4). High imitation which looks like the real
    5).Don’t need special caring and watering. So, worried about the survival of the tree is freed and the expense will be saved.

    Available for

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    Fire-proof 3.png


    planning and design landscaping architectures
    artificial landscape plants are used for tourism, real estate, theme parks, water parks, public spaces, room,hoteletc.
    customers in more than 100 countries and regions all over the world.

    617802 (6-200CM) 彩绿芭蕉树单杆 GREEN RED BANANA TREE X 1.jpg

    617881 (27-260CM) 彩绿芭蕉树组5杆 GREEN RED BANANA TREE X 5.jpg

    618881 (60-350CM) 芭蕉树5杆 BANANA TREE X 5.jpg

    657886 (28-350CM) 香蕉树3杆 BANANA TREE X 3.jpg


    Do you have client sites I can visit that display your product?
    Our silk plants and trees have been installed in over 50 countries worldwide. Since a lot of our product is sold through resellers we don’t always get specific installation addresses. However, we are happy to search our database to see if there is a convenient installation site for you to visit. We always welcome prospective clients to visit our manufacturing facility to get a detailed tour of our manufacturing process and also see the many different products we are currently building for clients.

    How does your product ship?
    We have a well engineered shipping and packaging process so that all of our plants and trees can be packed and shipped as economically as possible. From standardized corrugated cardboard boxes that ship via Small Parcel (Ground) to custom wooden creates that ship via LTL, we can pack just about all of our products. When artificial trees are too large to be packed in boxes or crates, we contract for semi trailers or sea containers and build internal framework so that the trees can be safely secured until they arrive at the client site.

    Can you ship your product internationally?
    Yes. Our product has been installed in over 50 countries. We offer both Ocean shipment (LCL, 20’ Sea Container, 40’ Sea Container) and Air shipment.

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