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Ecological Restaurant Projects

Ecological restaurant

This design particularly emphasizes appreciation, amusement, and inhabitation, giving people a sense of being close to nature. In densely populated regions of the south of the Yangtze River, this landscape design meets people’s requirement for much of nature. Limited space is used to produce different levels of garden landscapes, resulting in a perfect combination of natural beauty and artificial beauty.

Ecological Garden for Cultural Tourism

Cultural ecological garden tourism is well received for its unique cultural heritage and atmosphere. With its lush green willows and euphemistic tweets of warblers as the keynote of its landscapes, it creates an atmosphere of March’s dense beauty, dancing willow branches, and symphony of elegant warblers. Moreover, our Company’s unique and exquisite craftsmanship and utmost advocate for “more of the refined than the unrefined” reflect incisively and vividly the culture of this project. Consequently, the cultural connotation of humanity in tourism resources and the mood of the tourists meet in perfect unity, with the amusement of tourists and tourist economic features organically blending.