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Evergrand & Las vegas shopping mall

The art form in which this culturally themed project is completely expressed endows the project with a more powerful and distinctive brand, a stronger visual effect, a more perfect visual impression, and a more powerful and continuous source of amusement. Its theme is reflected overall and partially, producing a comprehensive landscape of characteristic, science, art, and craftsmanship, pleasantly shocking visitors. 



Environmental landscapes are accented with ample plants, glistening flowscapes, curving alleys, and natural rock textures, making the landscapes more balanced. Plant landscaping combines different allocated functions to produce diverse plant landscapes, emphasizing the multilevel combination of arbors, shrubs, ground covers, and grasslands. Reasonable collocation and high-low variation of evergreen and deciduous plants lets people indulge in beauty. Even the firm grounds are softened with lines of inlaid grass to achieve the artistic concept of blending man with nature. As you walk here, every blade of grass, towering tree, rock, and object represents your dream and pursuit, bringing you a real sense and pride.