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Maintenance of simulation plants

Simulation plants are made from the chemical products, according to some of the common properties of plastic products, the first is to avoid ultra-high temperature, to avoid heating the heat of equipment or instruments placed next to, so as not to cause the simulation tree high temperature deformation and discoloration. Simulation flowers in the display after a period of time, can be directly washed with water and then dry, to avoid the direct sun exposure after washing, so as to avoid the simulation of flowers "was" the possibility of discoloration. The market is popular in many imitation plant perfume, you can choose their favorite buy a bottle. In particular, spray the perfume on a cotton ball, with soil color paper a little packet placed in the root of the simulation tree, in the paper ball on the top of some dry leaves, so that can not only cover the paper ball, but also to keep the aroma of volatile, of course, the effect of your purchase according to the quality of perfume and effective time to decide!