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Simulation of plant wall The future road will be more arduous

Why is it that the simulation plant wall will be a long way off? You will also feel that in the future the landscape will have a better demand, at least not said to be the embarrassment of the sun, after all, the simulation plant wall involved in the species of too many plants, each plant can be achieved through vertical greening of plant wall; therefore, the use of natural plant walls in all places is unlikely to replace the role of the simulation plant wall, large companies, the cost of the budget is to be able to speak more human and material resources to manage the maintenance of such a natural plant wall, however, Now the market is still mainly small and medium-sized enterprises are more markets, are 100 to dozens of squared amplitude, if the naïve plant wall management maintenance fees, say, not pleasant, management fees than the plant wall is more expensive, dozens of square simulation plant wall is also tens of thousands of yuan.