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Simulation Plants lead fashion landscape decoration trend

The first province: for many urban white-collar workers, time is very short and valuable for many people. Simulation plants and artificial cultivation of the real plant compared to save the watering, pruning, pest control and other tedious process. And not to worry about whether it will survive, save a lot of time and manpower. Second appearance: Simulation plants are very malleable, whether flowers, trees, or leaves can change with the shape you want. And you can keep the Four Seasons evergreen so that you don't have to worry about the plant withering and tending. The third trend: simulation plants, it is to cater to people this simple and practical psychology, and now the simulation plant can be provided by customers design drawings to design customers want, so that the customer's simulation plant is not just a decoration, but the customer's own design products, unique. Cost-effective: Choose simulation Plant The most important point is that it is very cost-effective, many plants are now more expensive than many artificial plants. and placed longer, and can be recycled, environmental protection.