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Suggestion of simulating plant placement

From the convenience of the environment, the simulation plant is very popular, but I as a simulation plant industry practitioners, also want to give us a few points to note: The first simulation plant is false, although modern technology makes it and really the same look and feel, even with some special features, but it can not be carried out photosynthesis, can not purify the air. We suggest that we mix the simulation plants with the real plants. There is a very important point. Simulation plants are manufactured artificially, and now the development of the simulation plant industry has led to the rapid quality of products. In the selection of the time must be selected like Shengjie simulation plants such as more than 10 years of production experience of the old manufacturers of products. Finally, I would like to say that the correct installation and placement can also make your space more beautiful. Willing to simulate plants to give you a busy life to take a hint of ease.