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The simulation tree creates a natural green environment

Simulation tree to create a natural green environment, in the modern landscaping market occupies an absolute advantage. In the city square, in the Garden Scenic Area, in the green belt, in many people's home place can see the simulation tree graceful charm. In recent years, the simulation tree products in a number of arts and crafts show in the top, has become a lot of exhibitions today, a major bright spot. Because of the characteristics of green, low-carbon and environmental protection, the simulation tree has been favored by countless citizens because of its characteristics of remodeling. The modern simulation tree is completely comparable with the real tree, in the modelling design is quite lifelike natural, in the color bright, is also quite numerous in the kind, the installment also is quite convenient and quick, compared with the natural tree reduces the artificial cultivation and the late nursing expense, in the beautification effect can completely replace some real tree species, the most important point is that the product of the simulation tree weather resistance is also quite strong, in the sun environment can be placed up to 5-10 years of life, but in the case of shady life longer. Now the market, the type of simulation tree is more and more, we can according to their own needs to choose the variety of simulation trees, according to their own ideas to choose the simulation tree to create the scene, creating their own desired landscape atmosphere. With the progress of technology, many simulation tree manufacturers produced simulation results are very good.