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Where the artificial turf is commonly used

First of all, the artificial turf is also divided into the operation and leisure turf, sports turf as the name suggests is more suitable for the vigorous movement of artificial turf, such as the use of football pitches, as well as baseball and tennis courts and other places are more suitable to use, generally is the use of 3-5cm turf length; There is the casual artificial turf, such turf is generally used in the landscaping more points, such as some trees can be laid under some turf, for people to use leisure and entertainment places, The length of the grass is generally the case in 1cm. Artificial turf is also more suitable for indoor use, in fact, can also be used as a way to use the street, this also has nothing to pay attention to, such as the staircase can be covered with a layer of artificial turf, can also be at home blanket a layer of artificial turf is also very good choice, the length of the grass is not suitable for a long, 1cm such turf is more appropriate; the most romantic thing I can do is decorate a piece of artificial turf on the balcony, put a table on top of the lawn, and put a few chairs around the table, It's also very emotional to sit in a place like this for a rest.