How Does The Simulation Flower Match The Style To Be Nice

Want to let the simulation flower in the space not prevalent, first should pay attention to the color. In the color selection, the simulation flower with the flower, curtains, sofas, wall painting to maintain a certain unity. If you like the American style of the country, then in the simulation of the choice of the category of flowers, it is best to choose the green Branch and fruit of the simulation of potted plants. In addition, a small amount of weed-like plants can be properly paired. Second, pay attention to the choice of the flower device. Simple and rugged clay flower, can make home become a rustic charm. Do the old iron flower, you can add to the art of home and nostalgia. Crystal glass flower and rattan flower-making device, in the American country space can also complement each other. In addition to the flower device, but also pay attention to the use of flower, flower branches of the height of change, reflecting the sense of space scattered. The low clay flower with the high floral device of the boot shape will make the whole space immediately vivid. The smaller the plum with the rain cherry blossom, than the lily and rose can highlight the natural and fresh leisure style. Above all, the simulation of flower collocation style is to combine the color of the flower and the color of the vase and the environment to match the style to show the effect, good environment space is collocation, believe that as long as you in the above method according to their own ideas combined, you can match the environment you like.

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