Indoor Artificial Plant, Beautiful Without Nursing


The beautiful receptacle above is a beautiful artificial flower. Pink and yellow flowers with a variety of plants and a small half-open bud. It looks like a real flower. This is also the advantage of the artificial flower, it not only looks like the real flower, even the touch is similar to the true flower. This can be a good enough. And almost once in a home flower variety, just buy a times, you can use for a long time, only to that you feel bored. Small artificial flowerpot plant, a big flower even on the petals of the veins are very lifelike, it looks like life, but not worried that it will wither. Artificial Flowers Although not watering without fertilization, but you should also pay attention to the display, can not be placed in the vent or there is sun exposure, or it will cause it to fade or become powder crisp oh. Want a large area to decorate, also have a new type of artificial plant wall. I believe that the first time you see these plants, you will certainly feel that it is true, even with the hands to touch, it may not be able to distinguish between real and false. The way they can be distinguished is that they don't grow big. In addition, although the artificial plant wall will give you a very good decorative effect, but we do not forget to often use cotton cloth to wipe, otherwise the surface of the heap of dust, will lose the original luster.