Artificial Coconut Trees Show The Charm Of Tropical Landscape Trees

Artificial Coconut tree in English name the Artificial Coconut tree, is the design of coconut trees for the prototype high-end artificial materials for the raw materials produced by careful design. Artificial Coconut tree pole tall and straight, no branches, large feather-like leaves stretched out from the treetops, propped up an umbrella-type green crown, under the coconut leaves knot a string of round of coconut fruit, modelling beautiful incomparable for us to bring a thick tropical amorous feelings. Artificial Coconut tree According to varieties can be for the king of Coconut, stick coconut, wine bottle coconut, betel nut coconut, and other varieties, all varieties of artificial coconut tree, modelling specificity are a bit, a variety of varieties with a variety of landscapes, can make a variety of different landscape effects.