The Advantage And Function Of Simulation Coconut Tree

Simulation Coconut tree compared to the real coconut tree, in addition to the advantages of human and material resources, there are many advantages, such as the problem of the disease of coconut trees, coconut trees are the characteristics of Hainan Island green landscape plants. But the temperature gradually increased, the coconut tree pests into the high hair period, seriously affecting the growth of coconut trees, it is understood that every year since July, the Department of Agriculture and Forestry Bureau will organize the relevant personnel to spray the coconut tree 2 times. There is a part of the coconut tree root system is more developed, if there are more than 10 years of coconut tree flowers, the root diameter is more severe, you can be the cement and flower beds on the ground destruction, in some of the king's Coconut trees underground, we often see the lower part of the tree cement will crack. Serious flowers spoil the roads and houses. There's the low survival rate of the real coconut tree, the larger the coconut tree, the lower the survival rate, but also to dig on the ground, serious impact on road conditions and traffic, and the cost of labor is also expensive, if a successful cultivation of the words good, if the survival rate is low, but also repeat artificial, very cost of human and material resources. There is the problem of movement, such as touching the high-voltage line or wire and other problems, if you want to move is also very troublesome, not moving is also very dangerous, moving the human and material resources too big, do not move, will bring serious potential harm to the crowd.