The Development Of Artificial Tree

The Development Of Artificial Tree

In recent years with the community on the industry's continuous requirements, we are constantly exploring and development, with our achievements to meet the different needs of various customers.Guangzhou HAIHONG artificial tree Co., Ltd. has invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. So far, the products have many advantages, such as variety, low price, good plasticity, good reducibility, long use time and easy installation. Even in most indicators better than imported products.Our products have been sold all over the country,which major apply to the star hotels, large shopping malls, senior clubs, high-grade office buildings and so on. With the continuous development of artificial plants, the following categories have emerged:

1.According to the environment can be divided into two kinds of indoor and outdoor, outdoor anti-rain and anti-ultraviolet and other functions.

Artificial trees use  various materials to imitate the form of trees made of various types of decorative trees, such as cement pouring large simulation tree, the whole resin simulation tree, steel structure artificial tree, FRP simulation tree, LED landscape tree, other simulation tree crafts and so on.

3.Preservation tree is according to the characteristics of trees, the target tree part  to make the special  process.After the special  process, the appearance of the artificial  tree  maintains the original shape of the original tree.