The Function And Significance Of The Tree And The Rockery In The Landscaping Of Modern Garden

We will learn more or less that rockery is the other half of Chinese garden. These rockery, or peak or shore, or mound or point, to a certain extent, can play a leading role in the park, rockery so that plants and complex complexes, so as to achieve mutual balance, stone rock has constancy of quality, has always been a synonym for perseverance. Therefore, Rockery has become one of the characteristics of Chinese natural landscape garden. The artificial tree has many aspects of the landscaping function, such as the theme of the garden, to create the landscape of the garden, to divide and organize the garden space, decorate the courtyard, an, slope protection, retaining soil, set up the natural type Tai. It can also be combined with landscape architecture, Garden Road, site and garden Other true plants to change the landscape, in order to reduce the artificial atmosphere, add natural fun, so that landscape architecture integrated into the landscape environment. As a highly concentrated art works, more general, concise, more refined than the real tree, can be put into the feelings of people, the human mind and soul into it, of course, this is a very rare design height, only the deep thought of designers can be done. As for, the meaning of the artificial tree for the landscape is more embodied in the concept of green, as the ecological deterioration, people have rarely seen green plants, so the artificial tree for the "green" concept embodies particularly prominent, because the planting of real trees slow growth, the cycle is very long, so make a fake tree, can immediately beautify the square, garden, courtyard, and even indoor greening, although it is false, it calls the real life of green, people's eco-environmental protection ideas and confidence.