The Simulation Tree Can Be Used As A Lightning Rod In Addition To Its Aesthetic Decoration

There are also many kinds of simulation trees, such as the simulation of coconut tree, the simulation of seaweed tree, the simulation of Banyan, the simulation of pine trees. There is also the use of materials in the classification of reinforced concrete structure of the simulation tree. Because the current structure of the cement reinforced concrete tree in artificial and material costs are relatively high, so now the market is the internal steel pipe and bark FRP structure more. The effect of the lightning rod of the simulation tree: According to the Badaling Special Administrative Region Office, in order to protect the "wild Great Wall" tourism from lightning strikes, but also to protect the original style of the Great Wall. Simulation Tree lightning protection facilities will be installed on all Badaling Section Of The Great Wall. It is understood that these simulation trees and pine-like, the length of about 15 meters, placed in the distance from the Great Wall platform about 2 meters, can be well integrated into the local landscape. In fact they are hollow steel structure, has a good lightning protection effect. This is the first time to introduce the simulation tree lightning rod, these simulation tree lightning rod price of more than 200,000 yuan each. It is not easy to transport the lightning rod for these simulation trees. There is no road on the mountain, "The Simulation Tree" volume is large, so these simulation trees have to first pull to the foot of the nearby mountain, and then employ back, mule and other methods to carry the mountain.