Where Are The Artificial Plant Walls


Artificial Plant wall coverage is also very broad, can be used in villas, roads, bars and other three-dimensional wall and guardrail. On the one hand, shielding the exposed cement, stone, glass wall and sunshade insulation. On the other hand, the appearance of dynamic stereo shape, improve visual effect, beautify the role of the environment. With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standard, people's sensual desires are more and more abundant, and people can not forget the desire of their own landscape, but also the pursuit of a healthy life style, the measurement results of wall greening and building energy saving show that the outer surface temperature of the green building is up to 50 Shan, while the exterior wall temperature of the building is 27 Shan, and according to the measurement, there are plants shade places, the illumination intensity is only a few one-tenth to 1% of the direct sunlight Place, Can reduce the radiation intensity of the sun, but also reduce the temperature, any plant cover the wall surface temperature can usually be reduced by 2-7 degrees; The indoor air temperature of building wall greening is more 3 than that of green buildings, and the effect of cooling is obvious.