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Pothos On Pole X1

Pothos On Pole X1


Pothos On Pole X1

Item No.: 683601


145cm,also can be customized


1).Leave: fabric,PE anti-UV plastic
2).Trunk: plastic
3).Our standard base is a plastic pot, but depending on the application for the artificial tree or plant, we can build a custom steel plate or a variety of other bases to fit your application. 


Suited for display in lobbies, atriums, entrance spaces, casinos, shopping malls, office and corporate spaces, hospitality and healthcare spaces, senior living and government buildings, entertainment spaces, theme parks, swimming pools, college, airports and a variety of other commercial spaces.


Product Characteristics

1. Improved durability with good rebound resilience

2. Hard enough surface for any scratches

3. Eco-friendly building materials, not contain any pollution and radiation

4. Fashion colors design for any projects



How do I purchase your products?
We publish a number of different silk plant catalogs featuring our entire line of products. If you would like to buy artificial plants and trees please contact us or request a catalog and we will connect you with the appropriate designer to handle your request. Our product cannot be purchased online.

What is your order minimum?
We do have minimum order guidelines; however, we can be flexible depending on the specific request.

Can you provide design assistance?
Yes. We have an entire team of designers and a graphic design department ready to help with simple plant selection to complete landscape design. Please contact us to discuss your project.

Do you offer samples?
Yes. We are happy to provide you with samples so that you can see first hand the quality of our products as well as evaluate the appropriateness of the plant variety for your project.


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