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Washington Fan Palm Tree

Washington Fan Palm Tree


Washington Fan Palm Tree

Item No.: 813801


700cm,also can be customized


1).Leave: fabric,PE anti-UV plastic
2).Trunk: plastic
3).Our standard base is a plastic pot, but depending on the application for the artificial tree or plant, we can build a custom steel plate or a variety of other bases to fit your application. 


Suited for display in lobbies, atriums, entrance spaces, casinos, shopping malls, office and corporate spaces, hospitality and healthcare spaces, senior living and government buildings, entertainment spaces, theme parks, swimming pools, college, airports and a variety of other commercial spaces.


Product Characteristics

1. High simulation, looks, touches like real tree

2. Highly realistic trunk made from high quality Galvanized  Steel.  Leaf made from water-proof fabric, enviroment protection plastic,steel wire inside.

3. No harm for human and enviroment

4. Improved durability with good rebound resilience.



What if I don’t see the variety of plant or tree I would like?
We have an internal library of photos detailing the thousands of plants and trees we have manufactured. Chances are we have manufactured your desired plant variety for a past client, so we always recommend you contact us to discuss your specific plant needs.

What are the prices of your products?
Depending on whether you are interested in bulk artificial foliage or custom artificial trees, our products range from a few dollars a piece up to a thousand dollars plus. Regardless, we understand that our clients are working within a financial budget and the majority of the time we are able to manufacture a suitable solution that meets both the design specification and the budget.

Do you have a showroom I can visit?
Yes. We have a large showroom in our factory that has been constructed to show our silk plants and trees as they would be used in applications. We have created various themes including tropical, wilderness and Asian. In addition, since our showroom is connected to our manufacturing facility clients have the ability to tour the production floor and review the craftsmanship of our finished trees and plants.

What if I don’t see the size plant or tree I would like?
Since the majority of our artificial trees and plants are made to order we can make your desired plant to your exact size. We do have a cataloged number of sizes available for each plant variety to help you choose the right size for your project.


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