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China Guangzhou Baiyun District Haihong Arts & Crafts Factory certification
China Guangzhou Baiyun District Haihong Arts & Crafts Factory certification
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We selected Haihong company after a long scouting, higher quality of their products, big attention to details, and high customer care. They always ensured us a prompt support to all our needs. They ensured a very professional service一also with reference to technical requirements to get licenses and to maintenance services at a competitive price.

—— Green Spirit

Good products quality, prompt delivery, competitive price and strong support for the technical and maintenance do saved the project cost and help us win lots of high reputations from our customer. Now we write this letter to express our sincerely gratitude to HAIHONG, thanks for all the great support and cooperation in the past days.

—— Plant House

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Beijing Universal Studio

October 13, 2021
Latest company case about Beijing Universal Studio

After the beginning of autumn, the growing coolness in the air has no impact on people's enthusiasm for adventure and amusement. As the world's largest Universal theme park, Beijing Universal theme park, it is bound to attract tourists from all over this season. So what is the magic and characteristic of this park? and what amazing designs has Haihong contributed to the project? Let's take a look:

Universal theme park Beijing has seven themed scenic spots: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Minions Paradise, Transformers Base, Kung Fu Panda World, Jurassic World Nubra Island, Hollywood, and Future Water World.

Are you ready? Now Haihong is going to introduce the travel strategy for you.

1.Jurassic World

First of all, we came to Jurassic World. Nubra Island is not a Jurassic Park, but the only Jurassic World in Asia.

Haihong Group, as a supplier of artificial plants for Beijing Universal, provided high-quality artificial plants for Jurassic Park. These plants added a unique and mysterious atmosphere to Jurassic Park.

Haihong's employees at the installation site of Beijing Global, which all demonstrated the strength and professionalism of Haihong's employees.

Jurassic World Adventure: 4D eye, the scene is very real. Many dinosaurs have brought people a kind of reality as if they were placed in the Jurassic world. Many artificial plants have created a real Jurassic world here! Visitors here are as if they have traveled to that era, feeling the hugeness and charm of dinosaurs.

2. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

At the second stop, let's take a look at HarryPotter, as a classic IP, it has received a lot of attention since it opened. HarryPotter fans have been looking forward to it from their student days to thepresent, the imaginary magical world has moved to the front, and the shock ofbeing in it is beyond words!

Shuttle between the corridors andclassrooms of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, explore Dumbledore’soffice, the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, Gryffindor lounge, theresponsive house, and many other classic scenes. and then go above the castleFlying up and down, encountering dangerous magical creatures head-on, theimaginary world appears in front of you. the Harry Potter Park is simply aparadise for everyone, whether you have seen Harry Potter or not, you can gofrom here Feel the magic and happiness!

Hogwarts Castle Night Light Celebration

When night falls, the light and shadow projected on Hogwarts Castle will begin to dance with music. Hogwarts Castle at night is even more charming than during the day. Between light and shadow, we all came to the magical Hogwarts Castle.

3.kungfu Panda

Let's go to the Kung Fu Panda Park for the third stop, which is also the only torrential riding project in the park-Kung Fu Panda. Here you can feel the atmosphere of ancient lanterns and see various scenes in Kung Fu Panda.


4.Minion Paradise

At the fifth stop, we came to the world largest Minion’s Paradise: very suitable for children to play, it is the happiest place in the world!

Here you can have close contact with the minions, and both adults and children can feel the enthusiasm and joy of the minions.


Of course, there are more theme attractions and surprises to be experienced in the scenic area. Haihong will not introduce too much one by one here, and wait for everyone to discover and explore and discover by themselves.


After enjoying the attractions of Beijing Universal, I couldn't help but exclaiming, It is truly a place that brings people happiness. And did you find out? These beautiful scenic spots with unique themes, without exception, use a large number of "plants" to set off the atmosphere. whether it is looking from a distance, or close observation or even touching. tourists hardly realize These "plants" are actually artificial plants, just by the touch and texture of the trunks, the light sprinkled by the sun through the leaves and the real plants are almost the same

Because Haihong's professional and meticulous service attitude and industry benchmark product quality have broken through the strict screening of Beijing Universal, and finally become a global trusted supplier of garden landscape products, it can be proudly said that Haihong has passed its own professional Attitude and ingenuity have contributed to Beijing Universal's display of this audiovisual feast.


So next are you interested in learning more about Haihong company?


Founded in 2004, Haihong Enterprise is a large-scale brand manufacturer of professional artificial plants integrating design, R&D, production, sales, construction and service. The factory’s products have always been well-known in the industry for their distinctive style and excellent quality. Outdoor products are not deformed under wind, rain, and snow pressure, and are not fading under the sun and rain, and the anti-aging is also at the top level. These advantages make Haihong a leader in the industry.


It is precisely because of its excellent R&D team that Haihong Group can create such excellent products for Beijing Universal Resort. From leaf to tree pole’s R&D, shaping, modeling and production, every process is the result of the R&D team's day-to-day efforts.


The reason why Haihong can become a qualified supplier of artificial landscape in Beijing Universal Resort and can be a leader in the artificial landscape industry for a long time can be found from the following points:


1. The strong production background strength ensures Haihong's benchmark position in the field of artificial plants, and better cooperates with the rapid implementation of large-scale engineering projects.

Haihong Enterprise has set up "Guangzhou Baiyun District Haihong Artificial Plant Factory", "Shanghai Yongzhou Haihong Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd." and "Hunan Yongzhou Haihong Artificial Plant Factory" in the country, covering a total area of more than 80,000 square meters, and the total staff of the company more than 800 people, customers in more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

2.Excellent R&D abilities are the source of motivation to ensure the long-term development of Haihong.

Haihong draws inspiration from nature

Haihong design and R&D team put forward the design plan and product parameters

Each department of Haihong evaluates and confirms product parameters and design implementation

Proofing samples through Haihong’s 3D printing equipment or mold production equipment

Sample confirmation or modification upgrade

Strict sample quality and aesthetic testing

Final design confirmation and mass production


Take a water park project in Abu Dhabi as an example


Involving Haihong’s internal documents, the rest of the process and data will not be displayed too much

3.Efficient and complete production operation process is the key factor to ensure the rapid development of Haihong Enterprise.


HAIHONG has an integrity structure from developing to product packing. Total 18 departments including R&D, design, modelling, sculpture, coloring, die cut, injection, steel structure, assembling. QC &packing etc.

4.A rigorous and responsible quality control system is a powerful driving factor to promote the establishment of Haihong's brand image

Haihong's customers can go to the factory to inspect each production link at any time after placing an order, and truly achieve the best ideal effect of streamlined production and quality management, better control product costs and ensure product quality in mass production! Moreover, the factory has an employee number for each link of each product produced, so that if there is a quality problem, the responsibility is to the person, and there is no gap in cutting corners.

The company’s raw material procurement and suppliers: 50%-80% of the company’s raw materials use imported materials, and the suppliers have also signed quality guarantees and regular exchange meetings in order to better achieve high simulation effects and product quality stability.

5.Various testing and certification certificates are an indispensable strategic link for Haihong's development


6.Professional and meticulous packaging service and the service spirit of cooperating with professional transportation are the persistent working attitude of all Haihong people.

7.Timely service tracking and the implementation of customer after-sales system responsibilities are an indispensable step to ensure the win-win goal of Haihong and customers.

Our work is not over at the moment when Haihong products leave the factory. The tracking service within 2 to 3 years allows customers to more easily solve their worries, and our company has dedicated customer service personnel to provide regular return visits to your products, so that you can better Good feedback! Any product quality problems, our after-sales service department will deal with you as soon as possible!

8.Haihong has more than 1,000 successful cases over the years, including Beijing Universal Film and Television Theme Park, Shanghai Disney Theme Park, Abu Dhabi, Russia, China World Expo World Expo Pavilion and China Pavilion, Guangzhou Asian Games, Fantawild Valley, Evergrande Real Estate Group , Shimao Real Estate Group, Sany Heavy Industry, Xintiandi Mall, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Sheraton Hotel Group, Howard Johnson International Hotel Group, the world’s largest single building 2013 Global Fortune Forum Chengdu (Global Center), The new landmark of Macau with the tallest Ferris wheel in Asia Studio City. A series of advertised projects such as seaside vacations are spread all over the world. It is generally favored by domestic and foreign merchants.



We hope that Beijing Universal Theme Park will be a good start. We hope that in the future, Haihong can walk side by side with more outstanding enterprises, to create more excellent garden landscape projects. To become China’s Haihong and the nation’s Haihong. To the world’s Haihong!


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