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#Hiahong Sunac Cultural Tourism Project

China Guangzhou Baiyun District Haihong Arts & Crafts Factory certification
China Guangzhou Baiyun District Haihong Arts & Crafts Factory certification
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#Hiahong Sunac Cultural Tourism Project

October 21, 2021
Latest company case about #Hiahong Sunac Cultural Tourism Project

Chongqing Sunac Cultural Tourism City is located in the central area of ​​the western new city of Chongqing. It covers an area of ​​about 6,700 acres, with a building volume of about 5.5 million square meters and a total investment of up to 55 billion yuan. It is a theme park project created by Sunac Cultural Tourism. The self-owned park part of Chongqing Sunac Cultural Tourism City integrates Chongqing Sunac Park, Sunac Mao, Sunac Star Hotel Group, etc. There are also snow world, sea world, and water world. , Show, flying theater, conference center and other themed formats, cross-border integration of entertainment and business.


In Rongchuang Maoli, a cultural and entertainment complex that integrates snow, water and sea, visitors can skate in the snow world in summer and watch the heavy snowfall, play surfing in the water world in winter, and interact with marine animals in the sea world.

In the water play area, the water temperature is kept at about 27℃ all year round. The top equipment includes a combination of manta ray slides, giant swings, and a combination of competitive speed slides, allowing visitors to fully experience the thrills of water entertainment. The park also specially prepared a variety of water-playing equipment for children, such as water diving, rafting river rope climbing, children's water square, children's slide combination, and family fun water castle.

Nowadays, man-made art landscapes are indispensable for the construction of popular art-type landscapes. As the main forms of man-made art landscapes, rockery, plastic stone, cement simulation trees, and imitation wood are used in many occasions in daily life. , They can be seen everywhere in large theme amusement parks, indoor and outdoor zoos, exhibition halls, ecological parks, ecological restaurants, homestay hotels, residential communities and other places.

Interpreting the aesthetics of life with modern methods, emphasizing the true colors of the materials, and the simple and unique design exudes the natural beauty of modernity.

Interpreting life aesthetics with modern methods, injecting relaxed and lazy leisure life concepts into the environment, using different spaces to meet the spiritual and entertainment needs of different residents, and tailoring a natural art garden for tourists.

Appreciating the red maple in the cultural tourism city, the scenery is different.

Nowadays, people's work pace is getting faster and faster, and pressure is everywhere. If you take half a day to get close to nature and relax, it is undoubtedly a good choice.

Chongqing's unique landscape and city features give it a natural gene for cultural tourism projects. Not only that, its location at the junction of the “Belt and Road” and the Yangtze River Economic Belt is also Chongqing’s advantage and the number of tourists it has formed. These are the advantages of Chongqing and the reason why Sunac chose Chongqing as its cultural tourism project. For Haihong, it is also necessary to establish a landmark case in Chongqing. China's four major municipalities, Shanghai Disney, Beijing's Universal Studios under construction, Chongqing will also have a comparable Chongqing Sunac Cultural Tourism City, all with Haihong elements and the blood and sweat of Haihong people.

Regarding the Chongqing Sunac Cultural Tourism City project, Haihong Group strengthened the concept of construction time, increased communication and coordination, achieved seamless connection, and went all out to ensure that the project progressed as scheduled; in order to make more visitors to the park feel it The unique charm of Haihong culture.

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