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company news about A Buyer's Guide to Top-Selling Artificial Plant

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China Guangzhou Baiyun District Haihong Arts & Crafts Factory certification
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Company News
A Buyer's Guide to Top-Selling Artificial Plant
Latest company news about A Buyer's Guide to Top-Selling Artificial Plant

Artificial plants are among the best things to happen to the world of outdoor and indoor décor. They are your best bet if you want to give your building, both outdoor and indoor space, a classy and trendy look without going through all the stress that comes with planting and maintaining a real garden.

Not only do they require very little to zero maintenance, but they are also strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions without fading away or dying off. What else? They literally fit into any space without standing out like a sore thumb, so you can place them on your lawn, porch, office, dining room, living room, etc.

Here are a few important tips to ensure you make no mistakes when purchasing an artificial plant for your home.

What Steps Should You Take Before Getting an Outdoor Artificial Plant?

Proper landscape planning

As soon as you make the decision to get an artificial plant, your next course of action should be to do an audit of your landscape. The purpose of this is to figure out your requirements for artificial plants, and the best places to fix them up. You should pick focal points that would get a lot of attention, and book them for the new faux plants that you are about to order. Doing this would also help you identify the number and type of faux plants that you must order to decorate your space.

Type of plant

The decision of what type of plant to opt for is largely based on the location. There are certain plants that would look perfect in one part of the house, but not in the other. For example, banana trees would look great next to a pool, but not on a balcony, while ferns would look amazing by the sidewalk or at the entrance of your home.


This is another important part of planning. Once you know the number and size of plants you require, you must check the prices for your desired plants to estimate the budget. Once you have a set budget in place, only then start shopping for artificial plants. You must remember that these are long-term investments, so it’s okay to spend a decent amount of money on these plants as they will stay with you forever.

Plastic plants

Generally, plants made with plastic have a more natural, realistic look and feel than plants made of fabric. Some plastic plants are even filled with foam to give a more realistic appearance and are also way more durable than fabric plants. Fabric plants lose their color with time as they are not UV protected. Finally, plastic plants are resistant to water and heat which makes them really easy to maintain.


The purpose of an artificial plant is defeated if it does not bear a near-perfect resemblance to its natural counterpart. The last thing you want is for everyone’s attention to be drawn to how fake your plant looks. You shouldn’t get a plant with very glossy leaves or fake raindrop designs as these give off a non-natural vibe. Plants with rugged looks have a more lifelike appearance and should be preferred.

Low maintenance

If you are going to be keeping your plants outdoors where they are most likely to gather dirt, then you should particularly look for ones that have easy cleaning requirements. For example, the plants you choose should be washable or have detachable leaves that you can clean easily under the sink.

Premium quality

Instead of getting cheap plants that you have to replace every once in a while, why not get a standard one with very high quality that is sure to last you for a very long time. The best way to know the quality of an artificial plant is to go through customer reviews of the product. Doing this will give you a clear insight into the kind of experience you can expect to have with the plant you’ve chosen, after which you can make an informed choice.

UV protected

Plants that do not come with UV protection are a no-go area, especially since they are going to be kept outside in the sun. This is because they have a higher tendency to fade away, and this means that their leaves would lose color and turn white in no time.

Flexible, sturdy body, and strong base

The stems and leaves of whatever plants you are getting should be flexible enough to be maneuvered into vases, but at the same time should be strong enough to not fall off during handling. Also, the base of the plant should be able to carry its weight properly without breaking down. In fact, the base should be heavy enough that it prevents the plant from tipping over.

What Are the Price Ranges for Outdoor Artificial Plants?


Artificial plants that fall within this category would cost small At this price, you get the most basic plant designs, the quality of which cannot be vouched for except if they come from trusted brands.


Midrange artificial plants can be bought within the range of small money. They are mostly plastic and low-maintenance plants.


The most expensive artificial plants would cost you small and above. These would definitely offer you a high-quality, durable plant and substantial value for your money.

If you’re not convinced that outdoor artificial plants are worth your time, energy, and money, check out this awesome transformation video by Cambriea & Bobby.

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