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We are not sorry to say that the greenery trend is not going anywhere, in fact, it gains popularity each year! However, not everyone has a green thumb or the patience to maintain real plants in their home. With this growing trend, we have seen fake plants go from home decor faux pas to fashionable must-haves. Just think about the fake olive tree or the fake fig tree, that are so popular on Instagram. Besides, there are so many reasons to take the jump from real to faux, and once you do, the possibilities for your home are endless!
Faux plants decor with bird of paradise in a living room

Instead of searching over Pinterest to find out which plants fits best in which rooms for best sunlight, go for some high-quality artificial plants that will create the illusion of reality.

Why fake plants are better than real ?

Once you go for artificial plants or flowers, you will notice that fake plants have benefits that real ones do not and there is no way you will return to reals ones. Here are just a few of them:
  • Faux plants are low maintenance

Real plants are needy. You need to fertilize them, give them sunlight, a trim and water them. Fake plants do not really need your attention. They require no maintenance and always look amazing.
  • Artificial plants are not dependent of sunlight

You can literally put a fake plant anywhere in your home, no photosynthesis required for it to look great. Have a boring landing in your staircase that needs some greenery, but will not get any light? A fake plant will stay green and will not wilt or turn brown from lack of sunlight.
  • No leaves will drop from faux greeneries

Real flowers and trees will drop their leaves. When they are fake, the foliage and silk flower’s petals stay well and there is no need to clean up after your plants.
  • Artificial plants are not bad for you

Unlike some real plants that can be the cause of allergies, fake plants are safe. Allergy sufferers will be thankful because they will never be allergic to plastic plants and flowers! Also, did you know that imported flowers dominate the flower market, and about 91% of the most purchased real flowers are imported from countries whose use of pesticides and fertilizers for these flowers is unregulated*. There are obviously no pesticides or fertilizers in an artificial plant or fake flower making them safer for your home. The lack of soil is also an undeniable advantage for people with allergies who react to the slightest trace of mold and who cannot afford to have a nice hanging plant in their bedroom. Just make sure to spray a cleaner once in a while to prevent any dust.
  • Artificial plants are not toxic to cats, dogs and you

Some reals plants and flowers can be poisonous, and some dogs and cats just cannot help themselves from chewing on them. Save yourself a trip to the vet and go with the faux!
  • Fake plants are cheap on the long run

While a fake tree or a flower bouquet can seem like they are more expensive to buy, it is actually the most cost-effective and durable option. Bouquets of flowers will eventually wilt, and real plants do not live forever, especially if your thumb is not especially green. This forces you to go out and buy more flowers and more plants seasonally, or even weekly if you enjoy a bouquet of bright flowers on your table. A bouquet of high-quality artificial flowers or a good artificial plant will last forever. There is no need to buy more unless you want to add more!
  • Artificial potted plants and flowers are never out of style

Nowadays, faux greens are made so good, that you will not believe they are not real. Plus, there is no need to wait for early summer to have a bouquet of peonies in your home when you can purchase a bouquet of silk flowers that will look just as real, and just as fresh as the real thing, year-round. Also, they come in so many sizes from tall fake plants or large fake plants to small ones.
  • Availability of online shops for faux plants

If there is one thing that has changed in the last few decades, it is the way artificial plants are made available in stores and online. People have grasped the added value of indoor plants in terms of design and aesthetics, but do not have enough time to devote to them to keep them looking beautiful. In these situations, artificial plants take over the lead!
  • Durability of artificial houseplants

Artificial houseplants come with a seal of longevity because they are not dependent on weekly watering, seasonal repotting, or daily light periods. This means that it becomes possible to decorate any space regardless of whether it is sunny or not. In doing so, all varieties of plants become equally accessible. This even though, when they are fully grown, the plants chosen - if they were natural - would have to be moved to another room after a few years due to lack of space.
  • Artificial plants can be used outside

Finally, if you were wondering if artificial plants can be used outdoors, we have the pleasure to announce you that yes, they can! But…you must be sure they are specifically made for it. For example, Décors Véronneau has a range of outdoor artificial plants that are fabricated with special faux foliage made to resist UV rays. Otherwise, you could tarnish the leaves. To extend their longevity, you could also spray a UV rays protection for plants each season!

Tropical plant in a basket pot

How to style your faux plants ?

No matter what you buy for your home, good styling will take a normal piece to new heights when styled properly, and artificial plants are no different. When you bring a fake plant home, treat it like a real plant. We do not mean look for sunlight and add some fertilizer, but we want you to give it some love! Here are a few tips to style them:
  • Secure artificial plants in pots

Forget the generic plastic planter that it came in – you can “re-pot” it in a trendy planter like ceramic planters or modern plant stands, or even place it in a wicker basket. If you are buying silk flowers, opt for a ceramic flower vase or classic glass vases that will complement your faux floral arrangement. You can research how the plant you bought is typically planted – like in what type of pot, or even what size – and recreate the setting to give it the most realistic look possible.
  • Update your decor with seasonal faux plants

One of the biggest selling points for artificial plants and flowers is that they will last forever if you care for them properly, they will also never outgrow the space you placed them in. This does not mean that you must forget about it – update your pots and vases as your home decor style evolves. Do not be scared to reinvent, this will keep your space, and your faux botanicals, looking fresh! Also, fit your decor with plants according to the season: summer, spring, winter and fall.
  • Make a fake floral arrangement with some greenery

Another interesting way to style your fake flowers is to mix them with real greenery. A vase with stunning, colorful blooms, paired with lush live greenery will give a very real appearance to your artificial flowers. The great part is that live greenery is relatively inexpensive, and it will keep your artificial floral arrangement looking new.
  • Keep your artificial plants clean

The best styling tip that we can give you to maintain your fake plants and flowers is to keep them clean! Here is how to clean artificial plants: you can either wipe them down every once in a while, with a damp cloth to remove any dust or give your plants and flowers a quick spray with our cleaning spray each season to repel dust and keep your faux greenery looking its best for months !

>Get more details on how to clean them<
Agave plant in a living room
No matter what style of home décor you prefer, houseplants will always elevate your look. With the list of benefits and the unending options of realistic artificial plants and flowers, it’s a no-brainer to add a bit of faux to your home!