November 24, 2022

A range of faux plants to bring the outside in. Using high quality materials to create the perfect, realistic looking faux creations - they are long lasting and maintenance free, except from having to give them a dust every now and then!

Artificial plant can still make your room feel relaxing and inviting, whether you’re looking for something amazing. We found lots of options that look just as realistic as the real thing. While most of these plants are available online, we’ve sourced some options elsewhere, too.

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After binge-watching way too many home-reno shows during the pandemic, I became convinced that a living room wasn’t worth living in unless there was a massive leafy plant next to the couch. Ridiculous, I know, especially considering my apartment is far from the palatial “open concept” variety with “tons of light.” That’s when I started obsessing over the world of artificial plants. Lush fiddle-leaf figs. Beachy palms. In the forest of faux, all is possible, or so it seemed. As it turned out, even the prettiest options online tended to be underwhelming in real life. Still, if you’re willing to manage expectations,

latest company news about WHAT'S TOP QUALITY ARTIFICIAL PLANTS  1 Generally speaking, pricier artificial trees look more authentic than cheaper trees. But even though a $200 fake tree might look slightly more convincing than a $100 fake tree, I wouldn’t say the higher-priced one was twice as nice. Being preternaturally frugal, I set out to find a few reasonably priced artificial trees (under $200 or, if possible, under $100) that I’d proudly display in my home. Anything more than that seemed too steep, especially for something that’s a pain to return. This list is by no means comprehensive, but I’ll add to it as I continue shopping.


latest company news about WHAT'S TOP QUALITY ARTIFICIAL PLANTS  2Because large plants, both real and fake, can be pricey, it’s especially important to be honest with yourself. Are you a serial plant killer? Is your heart set on a particular Instagram darling with needs. Can you make peace with the inconvenient truth that only real things can look and feel absolutely real? If you answered yes to one or more of these, then you might consider getting a faux plant. Also, if you are allergic or have a child or pet who might endanger a real plant (or vice versa), then an inorganic nature-surrogate may be worth considering.